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  • Safety video

  • Handbooks

  • Written and driving test

  • Hands-on demonstration

  • One-on-one training

  • Licenses and certificates

  • All materials supplied

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Keeping forklift operators safe and businesses compliant with OSHA regulations is our primary objective at Carolina Forklift Safety.

Proper training not only reduces accidents and deaths, it also increases your employees' productivity.  Properly trained employees will save your business money by avoiding higher insurance premiums and lawsuits resulting from workplace injuries or death in addition to avoiding costly fines from OSHA.

Carolina Forklift Safety has incorporated over 40 years of experience in the lift truck service and parts industry into a comprehensive and effective safety training program for forklift operators.   CFS offers day and evening training classes at your facility that can be custom designed to fit your specific requirements.

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"Creating a safer work environment, one driver at a time."

Advanced Composite Materials

Safety training program for forklift operators.

Over 40 years in the lift truck service and parts industry.

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Safety training includes: